Hi, my name is Lisa Zhou, a bilingual copywriter currently based in Shanghai.


Words, images and music have become my besties at the age I don't even remember. In September 2014, I started a mysterious journey at Ontario College of Art and Design.

I still remember when I was a freshman in school, it seems like everyone shared a love-and-hate relationship with one subject. For me, it was art history. When thinking back about that time, it's hard to count how many days and nights I was facing my computer to catch up on the research paper, or memorizing those specific names, terms and stories behind each work. But it makes me know a few people. Some of them are vagabonds, drift from space to space but still had created the world in a lively way; some of them are dreamers, addicted to the neon glamour, the cheap pretties, but had created some phenomenal pieces inspired by the love and the city.

I chose publication as my major in the second year. Since then, I started to write something, shoot something, and design something. However, it was tough for me to share what's in my feelings with the world at that moment. I used to be a shy kid who afraid to express myself and write down some real explicit words like "Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leave from beside me." So, I asked myself, is there any other ways to express my emotion by using words, images and motion? What do I want to do in the future?

Then, I find one thing, advertising, an outlet that allows me to become a storyteller to put up all the words, images, and feelings to weave them together into the narrative for brands.

I switch to advertising in the third year. Ever since I start to bounce ideas with teachers and teammates every day and night. Sometimes, we get together to write down all the ideas on the sticky note, put them together on the wall one by one and end up with tearing them all into the garbage bin. Sometimes we cross our legs, lying on the table at school and discussing the future - what we want to eat for lunch? That's a deep, philosophical problem.


Until the fourth year, I finally find my milestone in this journey. Art director was my first choice when I had my first advertising class because visual is the dominated part of an ad. People always fascinated by the visual, no matter it's a group of skinny models or a dumb flying bunny. However, as I see more ads, I found it is the copy that really strikes up the brand DNA. I started to think about what inside of my DNA? It's words. I love the friction force made by the pen and paper when I write, the click sound made by the keyboard when I type. At this point, I'm not a shy kid who scared to share what's in my feeling. I can wag my head and sing out loud, "Cause I want ya, and I need ya, and I'm down for you always." I decided to become a copywriter.

Shoot me an email if you want to know more about me, we are only a few seconds apart. Last but not least, I am a fun guy. If you watch the NBA championship this year, you got this one.

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你好,我是Lisa Zhou,一个目前驻扎在上海的双语文案。 




到了大二,我选择了出版专业。打那以后,我开始写一些东西,拍一些东西同时也设计一些东西。可对那时的我来说去和世界分享自己的内心感受是困难的。曾经的我是一个不善于表达自己,而且还有些害羞的小孩,我害怕写下像“Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leave from beside me”这么真实又直率的文字。于是我便询问自己,是否有其他的某些形式可以让我通过文字,图片和影像来表达情感。我以后想要做什么?



大四的时候,我终于在这躺旅途中找到了属于自己的里程碑。在上了第一节广告课后,art director曾是我的第一选择,因为视觉永远是广告的主导元素。人们总是被视觉所吸引,无论是一组纤瘦的模特或者是一只在飞的很傻的兔子。可当我看了更多的广告后, 我重新发现了其实是文案一触激发了品牌的DNA。我开始思考我的DNA里是什么?是文字 。我喜欢在写作时纸与笔碰触时所产生的摩擦感,喜欢在打字时键盘发生的噼里啪啦的声响。现在的我不会再害怕告诉你我在想什么,我可以摇头晃脑地大声唱道“Cause I want ya, and I need ya, and I'm down for you always.”我决定成为一个copywriter。

如果你想了解更多关于我的事儿就给我发一封邮件吧,我们之间只有几秒钟的距离。最后的最后,I am a fun guy. 如果你看了今年的NBA总决赛,你一定懂这个段子。