Oh Henry

Brand Manifesto

As a human species, we experience primal moments. The rush when you meet a last-minute deadline, or your heart pounding in your head when you ask your boss for a raise. We all have them, and we are all familiar with those moments when our inner animal comes out.

But there’s nothing to bring forth that pure primal energy than hunger. OH Henry believes we should all embrace our “wild side”.  When we’re hungry, we are closest to our true nature. Hunger is the true call of the wild. And when hunger calls, only OH Henry answers.



That people become less civilized when they are hungry. And when they are hungry, they’d do anything to satisfy their hunger.


So hungry you could do anything.



Event / Partnership

A sponsored event with Mud Hero (est. 2012) which is The Largest All-Canadian Obstacle Event Series.


We invite Canadians all over the nation to Mud Hero’s #sohungryicould by participating in the biggest mud obstacle course ever! The event will also include Oh Henry snack bars and tons of prizes to be won!

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