I Miss You Vintage

The Brand

I Miss You Vintage Inc. specializes in the luxury designer resale and vintage couture. Located Queen and Ossington Ave in Toronto.


People have shifted the perception on shopping resale clothes from second-handedness to a radical sustainable style statement. 


Stand opposite to the fast fashion produced by capitalist driven market, the vintage clothing is connected to a time of value and independence.


Collage the singular item with vintage graphic elements to create a mood for the selected statement piece. The shop is re-branded as funky and unique.


Print and transit ads highlight the single item selected by I Miss You Vintage.



Organize runway parties with themes about different fashion eras.


The new website design  also follows the collage style.

Social Media

A fun collage GIF to attract audiences' attention on social media, for example Instagram shopping sponsorship ad targeting fashion lovers. 

Social Media

Collaborate with fashion influencers on Instastory to share their fashion stories to leverage the influence.

Tote Bag

Instead of giving regular paper shopping bag, I Miss You Vintage will give out this tote bag to promote suistainability and timelessness it stands for.